15 Quotes That Aptly Define The Excuses We Give For Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol alone?? Naah..

With friends?? Oh yeahhh..

Does justification for alcohol consumption jumps in?? Hell yeahhh!!

This is a well-established truth that when a bunch of alcoholics sits together, there are all sorts of ranting, rambling, silly talks and of course, lame-est jokes. However, one thing that definitely pops up when some non-alcoholic joins in is JUSTIFICATION. There are a number of excuses given to somehow legitimize their drinking habits. After all, we just drink to have fun, don’t we? It’s not like we can any time sit for some alcohol consumption and have some in stock every time. 😉

This scenario is not just repetitive but somehow evokes that creative keeda that allows us to come up with witty excuses every single time. Oh, and not to forget, excuses that too in poetic form.

Here are the best 15 quotes that we all can relate to:

1. And I set the words free by consuming the drink to its very last sip.

Wine is bottled poetry.

2. Yeah, so why not choose the former.

Alcohol won't solve your problem. Then again, neither will milk.

3. That’s why I always keep this enemy close to my heart.

Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.

4. For sure.. See, you’re having fun here because of this reason only!

When the wine is in, the wit is out.

5. What?? Which text?? Oh no, you must have drunk read somebody else’s text. 😀

I didn't text you. Vodka did.

6. Or Vodka might just answer my problem mysteriously.

Vodka may not be the answer, but it is worth a shot.

7. Arre end kisne dekha h??

Alcohol kills slowly. Good, I'm in no hurry.

8. See, am I not tolerating you now? I must give due credits to this little glass of bliss.

Alcohol gives infinite patience for stupidity.

9. Mauke pe chaukka yaara!!

When life gives you lemons, grab tequila and salt.

10. Then we lose our senses and all our bank balance too!

It is only the first bottle that is expensive.

11. Pretty please!

Twinkle twinkle little star, point me to the nearest bar.

12. Tis the power of wine!

Wine gives a man nothing.. It only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost.

13. Says every drunkard!

Life is better when you're drunk.

14. Or vice-versa..

I am not drunk, I am just chemically off-balanced.

15. Me: Some faded memories and you, my love, are enough! Aur waise bhi kuch pane ke liye kuch khone padta hai, senorita!

Alcohol: Some of the best times you'll never remember.

Stay tuned for more, all you drunkards! 😉



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