5 Secret Mango Remedies for Healthier Skin and Hair

Although the intense sun makes life unbearable during the summer in India, the season also brings along its share of goodies and perks, with Mango possibly being the best of them! Besides enjoying its yummy treats, you must have also incorporated the delectable and succulent ‘king of fruits’ in several delicacies, desserts and beverages but what you might not know the mango benefits and how it can be used in multiple ways to treat skin and hair related issues.

Therefore, we bring forth some of the best ways to enrich your skin and hair this season with the best fruit in the whole wide world- Mangoes.

Mango Benefits and its usage for healthier skin and hair
Mango Remedies for Good Hair and Skin

Mango Pulp + Egg White = Reduced Wrinkles

Pollution is one of the rising concerns all around the globe, affecting the health in a lot of ways. It also brings ageing closer. But, what can help you get out of the wrinkled skin is Mango. You can reduce the visibility of fine line and wrinkles by applying the mixture of mango pulp and egg white to your skin once a week.

Yoghurt + Mango Pulp + Egg Yolk = Tame Frizzy Hair

Oh well, there is nothing as difficult in life than taming that aghast frizzy hair, especially when there is no time to check on them for the last minute party.  Well, if you’re somebody who faces the same problem as I do, then you do associate with this in a jiffy. But, hey! there is nothing in life that cannot be fixed.

So, if you have frizzy hair, then try this remedy. Take 2 spoons of mango pulp, one spoon of yoghurt and 2 egg yolks. Apply it to your hair for 30 minutes.

Raw Milk + Honey + Mango Pulp = Remove Black/White Heads

Are you one of those who simply cannot do with any marks on your face, then be it even as tiny as blackheads and whiteheads? If yes, then you’ve got to use this magical homemade seasonal remedy for skin to remove these annoying heads from the face. All you have to do is mix one spoon of mango pulp with one spoon of raw milk and 2 spoons of honey. Rub this resultant mix on your face gently to eliminate any pesky blackheads and whiteheads. For best results, use the tip twice a week.

Benefits of Mango

Almonds Powder + Milk + Oats + Mango Pulp = Dead Skin Down

Removing dead skin is one thing that required attention every once in a while. It doesn’t spare any women. By using this mango scrub remedy, you can slough away dead skin cells which cover the natural radiance of skin.

Mix mango pulp, almonds powder and milk and some crushed oats. Apply this mixture on your skin to remove dead skin cells to reveal a bright skin on the outside. Use this beauty tip/home remedy for skin twice a week for best results.

Boiled Raw Mango + Water = Prevents Acne

Tired of watching all those advertisements that make fake promises of fighting acne/pimples but nothing really works for you? How about you try home remedies for skin and hair this time. Just boil a raw mango in water till it remains half of the initial amount. Now use it as an astringent to remove acne or pimples. Use this method regularly to remove acne or pimples.

Besides having the external benefits of mango, the king of fruits also acts as a saviour from many internal diseases. So, yes Mango is not only the king of fruits, it is indeed the king of our hearts!



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