5 Things We Wish Our Workplaces Had

Isn’t it true that once we get into our jobs, we stop spending time with ourselves and just follow the monotonous work routine day and night? But have you wondered what would happen if our workplace would become the ultimate happiness destination, the play zone, the stress bursting area, the recreational center, the best office- how cool would that be, right?

While in this very Universe, some of us have the pleasure of working with such companies that are already offering an enjoyable workspace. However, for those who have obnoxious bosses, it gets even more painful to survive during office hours and moreover, there is nothing out there to chill a bit, just the thadis in the locality.

But what would happen if you get these at your workplace-

1. A restoration area with spa centers, gaming zone etc-

Don’t we just reach a point when we work sluggishly, completely disinterested in work and just rolling because we have to! It feels as if someone has pointed a gun to our heads to finish off the work, even against our will. For such desperate hours, what if we get to visit the restoration area with sleeping pods, massage centers, gaming zone with PS and X-box and VRs etc. Whoa—work be so much fun then, right?

2. Impromptu musical days-

Allotting the headphones to everyone for some fun while working and once in a while playing the music on speakers for the employees to have fun and just chill a bit- Interesting, isn’t it?

Music between work

3. Surprise trips-

How about an opportunity to go out on a trip with your colleagues? Sounds refreshing, right? Well, this can actually be a team-building as well as a rejuvenating experience for them.

Office tours

4. Organizing recreational activities–

Baking, sports, photography, painting, writing, hacking- there are so many things that we wish to learn but don’t. We just keep our little talent hidden without letting anyone know about it. Wouldn’t it be great if our employer plans such fun-learning opportunities for us to push the not-so-known side of us forward!

Baking at work

5. Flexible working hours-

This is the top priority of every employee, I think. But, imagine how life would be if there would no tensions of unpaid leaves or deductions for coming late. And flexible working hours would just be icing on the cake!

flexible working hours

With this and so much more that we wish we had, life at workspace would be so much fun!

I definitely feel that a proper working environment is a must. Of course, it should be disciplined. But employees must also be given some leverage to have fun and joyously work for the company. By maintaining the balance between work and fun, one can achieve more than expected. A happy employee will always deliver more than the one who is exhausted all the time.

This may be too much to ask for but even a bit of it can do wonders!

So, all the bosses out there, please let us have some fun!



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