6 Habits To Inculcate In Your Daily Routine at Work

Most of us have adopted the habit of just sitting for long hours in our daily routine until our bums really remind us of taking a stroll. Work has started ruling over us to an extent that we have started ignoring our health.

Below mentioned are a few measures that we must adopt in order to help ourselves just a bit-

Take stairs

Be thankful if your office is on top floors. Instead of opting the elevators, ensure that you’re taking stairs. If it’s really high, use elevators for half of the floors and climb stairs for the rest.

Drink water

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water in a day to maintain the optimum water level in your body. In fact, it is said that drinking plenty of water helps eyes from getting dark circles and lumps around them. It also keeps eyes hydrated preventing them from getting weak.

Drink water


Start deskercising which means whenever you’re at your desk, you can exercise to revitalize yourself and shred the stress. Apart from giving yourself a little break from work, it will also help you to stay fit.

Keep yourself healthy

Wrist, arms, neck and leg exercises can easily be done in the office. In fact, they should form a part of your daily routine to keep yourself fit.


 Walk as much as you can- try to fetch the files from colleague yourself in order to walk a little. Take a stroll every now and then. It would also keep your energy flowing and mind focused.

Walk Around office

Eat right

Eating right is an essential part that you must not miss in any case. Make sure you always have breakfast. Instead of having all at once, make sure you break the routine in shorter spans of time. Avoid junk food; instead replace it with fruits, dry fruits, and other healthy things.

Eat right

Drink green tea

 Green tea not only helps you to lose weight but also keeps you energized all day. Replace your sugary coffee and normal tea with green tea. If you want to add sweetness to it then use honey instead of sugar.

green tea

Inculcate these habits in your routine for a better and healthier lifestyle and see the change yourself.



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