13 Bizarre Things Banned around the World – Let the Surprise Unfold!

There are so many reasons why people travel. There are those who wish to experience authentic food and culture of a place, while others travel to explore history and nature in the some far off destinations. But we rarely learn about the laws of countries as tourists, like things banned around the world. Well, especially until they sound so absurd that you get to know about it from some place or the other.

So, whether you are traveling or not, these things banned around the world would still seem foreign to you.

Let’s learn more about the things banned around the world. Here we go:

1. Chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore

Weird things banned in the world

Singapore has many weird laws, which include importing chewing gum into the country. As a part of the penalty, one shouldn’t not only expect a slap on the wrist because people face fines of up to $100,000 (SGD) and a prison sentence. The ban came into existence in 1992 and is still in effect. Although, certain chewing gums are allowed for medical reasons, according to the BBC.

2. Keeping goldfish in a big glass bowl is not tolerated in Rome, Italy

Weird things banned in the world

In Rome, Italy, you cannot keep your goldfish in a round glass bowl. It is considered cruel to keep fishes in such a bowl, especially since according to the scientists, the bowl limits their oxygen flow and can make the fish blind.

3. Also, not walking your dog is a crime in Rome

Weird things banned in the world

As much as Rome cares about its goldfishes, the dogs also have a special law dedicated to it which makes walking your dog a requirement with a bylaw in 2005. The Italian city is the second one in the world to do so. If a person fails to fulfill this requirement, he can be fined $700, according to CBC News.

Also, you are not allowed to leave animals in hot vehicles or store windows. In fact, according to a subsection of the 2005 bylaw, giving away goldfish, or other animals as prizes is also prohibited.

4. Valentine’s Day celebration is banned in Pakistan, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia

Weird things banned in the world

The Celebration of Valentine’s Day is banned for the citizens of Pakistan, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan. As it is not a Muslim tradition to focus on the love that is not directed towers God, Pakistan even banned the holiday in 2017.

5. Ban on Sarcasm in North Korea

Sarcasm - Banned in North Korea

All indirect criticism of the government and leader Kim Jong-un has been banned in the North Korean regime. Expressions such as “This is all America’s fault” and “A fool who cannot see the outside world” (an indirect reference to the isolationist leader Kim Jong-un) have now been forbidden. Citizens have also been cautioned against criticizing the government in a series of mass meetings.

6. Jogging activities in Burundi

Jogging in Group - Banned in Burundi

While exercise is considered to be a good thing by most, but in 2014, Burundi banned jogging activities. President Pierre Nkurunziza felt that group jogs were used as a cover for rebellious activities. The strictness of law is evident with the punishment of life imprisonment. However, this only applies to groups while individuals are still allowed to jog.

7. Running out of fuel is not allowed in Germany

Running out of fuel - banned in Germany

People cannot let their cars run out of fuel when they are driving on the Autobahn in Germany. The matters get even more complicated because a person is also not allowed to walk along the highway to get some gas in case of urgency, as walking on the Autobahn is also prohibited by law.

8. Wearing heels on ancient grounds is against the law in Greece

Wearing heals - banned in Greece

This is a must know about Greece. People here cannot walk into historic sites in Greece wearing shoes with high heels since 2009, according to NPR. This law came into being as it is believed that the point on heeled shoes can put a surprising amount of pressure on the ground capable of damaging the architectural sites.

9. Overweight employees equal fines for companies in Japan

Overweight employees - not allowed in Japan

According to the New York Times, from 2008 Japanese national law makes companies and local governments measure their employees’ waistlines ages between 40 and 74 years old. The one who exceeds the government-mandated limits is given “dieting guidance”. The companies and government organizations can also suffer financial penalties in case of carelessness. The purpose of the law was to help shrink the population of overweight people in the country and encourage them to take up a healthy lifestyle.

10. The cartoon Winnie the Pooh banned in Poland

Winnie the Pooh - banned in Poland

Believe it or not, Winnie the Pooh is banned from playgrounds in a little town in Central Poland called as Tuszyn. The local authorities argued that Pooh is appropriate for little children as he is “half-naked” and of “dubious sexuality”.

11. A Ban on flip-flops in Capri, Italy

Flip flops - banned in Capri, Italy

Say what? The popular tourist island located in the Campania region of Italy called Capri has put a ban on flip-flops and sandals that make a loud noise. So, if you ever decide to visit this popular destination, make sure you avoid wearing flip-flops.

12. A Ban on changing a light bulb in Victoria

Changing light bulb - banned in Victoria

In the second most populous state of Australia – Victoria, there is a ban on changing a light bulb for those who are not licensed electricians. The non-compliant may have to face a fine of up to 10 Australian dollars.

13. Rescuing drowning people is illegal in China

Rescuing Drowning person - banned in China

One of the laws of China states that rescuing drowning people is illegal. This law is in connection with the Eastern philosophy that considers tampering with a person’s fate as immoral. However, skeptics have an opinion that this regulation by Chinese authorities is just a step to control the population with it.

We hope you learned a bit more today about the things banned around the world. So, next time you visit a city, explore more – you never know what you might get to know!



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