5 Things That Make Navratri Festival An Exclusive Experience

Navratri literally means nine days. And as the name itself suggests the festival is celebrated for 9 long days in various parts of the country. From dancing with devotion to worshipping Goddess Durga, devotees indulge in the festivities in multiple ways. And the groundwork for the same begins months ago in the form of preparation of idols, collecting costumes, enrolling for events etc.

Although the craze gets on our heads days ago for all the festivals, there are still various reasons why the festival of Navratri remains unique in itself-

Joyous participation in Garba

Yes, month-long Garba practices, dandiya costume hunting, selecting baubles for oneself and what not- and yes, this entire struggle only for Dandiya raas. Navratri, in fact, means Garba and dandiya raas for some while weight loss strategy for others! :p After all, it takes sweat and days of practice to be finally able to present the talent on the stage. There are numerous events organized where people collectively perform Garba and Dandiya Raas with their partners and come well-dressed, moreover, uniquely dressed to win the hearts as well as best costumes prizes offered by the organizers.

Dandiya Rass for Navratri
Image Source- Sify.com

Dandiya sticks decoration

All the enthusiasts make sure that their Dandiya sticks are as embellished as themselves. And which is why they adorn it with pretty gewgaws and trinkets, some even coordinating it to their costumes while some get on to digging out their hidden creative sides in decorating with creative ideas!

Dandiya sticks decoration for Navratri

Playful costumes

Vivid patterns of dresses, colorful attires, and an interesting array of designs showcased from tip to toe. This kind of participation is not only exciting for the wearer but it is equally appealing to the eyes of the spectator seeing these beautifully adorned people getting completely drawn in the moods of various costumes. Sometimes the group of friends, families even color-coordinate their dresses to present themselves in a unique manner.

Garba costume for Navratri 2017
Image Source- The better India

Body arts/ tattoos

Colorful temporary tattoos of various patterns and designs depicting the theme of Navratri showcase the enthusiasm with which people are willing to participate in the festival. These tattoos are so unique that you won’t find them in routine life. Be it men, women or children, the conspicuous artistic fusion brims from tip to toe.

Garba tattoo for Navratri
Image Source- Hindustan Times

Surely, every festival gets that spark flowing in us which encourages us to completely drench ourselves in those moments of joy and bring us all together. After all, festivals are meant to be celebrated by forgetting the grudges that we hold and becoming a part of each other’s joy and happiness.

So, as far as Navratri, the events are still on everywhere, make sure you take some time out from your busy schedule to rejuvenate yourself and form the connections once again.



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