How To Clean Vagina To Keep It Happy And Healthy?

Most of you might think that you know all about how to clean vagina but there are always chances of missing some important information that could become a cause of vaginal infection in future. You may also be one of those who are ashamed of talking or discussing any problems you might be facing down there- be it itching of some sort or even excessive discharge. But whatever it is, every woman should understand that maintaining the well-being of your private parts is a priority. Don’t be shy to discuss about it with your doctor or your family and friends.

Besides there are plenty of things you need to understand about how to clean your vagina. Here are a few of them:

How to take care of Vagina

Before starting with it, you must first understand the genital anatomy.

Female genitals consist of vulva externally that leads to the vagina internally. This Vulva consists of two skin folds called as Labia Majora and Labia Minora (which guards the opening of Vagina– a soft muscular tunnel that connects with the womb from where the baby arrives during delivery and Urethra, the place from where you pass urine).

How To Clean Vagina?

Understanding it’s a self- cleansing organ

There is no need to use harsh soaps to clean your private parts. Since, it is a self- cleansing organ, it has everything to keep itself safe and clean. All it requires is a good rinse with clean and normal water. You must rather avoid excessive scrubbing, perfumed products or anything beyond lukewarm water to clean the delicate skin of Vulva.

Choosing Underclothes

To learn how to keep vaginal area clean, you need to first choose between looking flashy or being healthy. So always wear light color loose fitting cotton underwear is the best choice. This allows air circulation and reduces any chances of bacterial or fungal infections.

You must always keep your underwear clean ensuring that the detergent is rinsed away before put for drying. Also, ensure that the area where you place your clothes for drying is clean and dry itself. Remember, to change your underwear at least once and maybe twice if it gets wet due to discharge or other reasons.

Bathing after gym sessions

The sweat may cause infections, so never stay in your gym clothes for too long. Change them and make sure you clean yourself with normal water, in order to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Sprinkling water after passing urine

It is always good to sprinkle little water on your vulvae after passing urine followed by patting it dry with a toilet paper to avoid any chances of urinary infections. Always dry your private parts from front to back to avoid any contamination with the germs from anus.

Special care during periods

Besides ensuring changing your pads on a regular basis, every 7-8 hours, you must also ensure that you timely clean the blood using running water followed by pat drying the area.

Vaginal discharge

Some amount of vaginal discharge is normal. In fact, it is required to keep your vagina clean. The amount of discharge may vary during or prior to your periods but in case you feel there is excessive discharge or the vagina is too dry, then make sure you visit the doctor.



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