How To Take Care Of Skin And Hair During Holi

The festival of colors is finally here and it is time to gear up for it.. I mean literally get your gears ready because Holi is one festival that demands you all be prepped in advance to rescue the pains and some serious rashes arising later. For a festival like this, you need to know in advance how to take care of skin and hair during Holi so that you can take all the precautionary measure to protect yourself in every possible way..

How To Take Care Of Skin And Hair During Holi
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If you’re in full swing for the festival and are dedicated to spending it like there will be no tomorrow, then we are sure these remedies can help you secure a better position than everybody else around your in not retaining as much color as others.

Here are a few remedies how to take care of skin and hair during Holi:

1. 10 minutes Massage with Ice cubes:

How To Take Care Of Skin And Hair During Holi- Ice cubes
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Before applying anything on the skin, rub your face with ice cubes for approximately 10-15 minutes, which will close all your open pores. Once it is taken care of, you can apply a sunscreen or any organic oil. Doing this will prevent you from acne.

2. Almond oil or castor oil on your skin:

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Apply generous amount of almond oil on your skin before playing Holi. Being a rich source of Vitamin E, the oil will keep your skin nourished and it will create a protective layer between the color and your skin, preventing the color from sticking to your body. Remember to apply it using cotton swabs in, around and at the back of your ears.

3. Coconut oil to your hair:

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It is better to wash your hair a day before Holi and then apply a layer of oil to your scalp, which will prevent it from getting dry and frizzy.

4. Protect your nails by applying nailpaint:

How To Take Care Of Skin And Hair During Holi- Nailpaint
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No, we are not crazy for giving you such an idea. By applying a nailpaint, you can prevent your nails from being damaged by any chance.

How To Take Care Of Skin And Hair After Holi

Drenched in Holi colors? No worries, here are some post-Holi tips that can help you with the question how to take care of skin and hair during Holi:

  1. Potato has been my go-to thing from a very long time, especially for Holi. It is a natural exfoliating toner, which easily helps you get rid of the color marks on your skin. Just slice it into a number of pieces and scrub around with it, you will see the color getting off of you.
  2. All you need is 2 tbsp. of lemon juice added to a bowl of curd. Apply this on the areas affected with colors and then, take a bath with normal or lukewarm water.
  3. Alternatively, mix gram flour (besan), almond oil and milk cream (malai) with rose water and mix them all well till they become a thick paste. Apply this paste on the colored areas. Meanwhile, you can also put some cotton pads soaked in rose water or cucumber on eyes and rest.  Once the applied paste dries, rub it off gently. You can also take a bath with mild soap, if necessary.
  4. Apply mashed ripe papaya to the face for some effective results.

So, we hope these tips helped you to remove all the colorful patches on your skin. Just in case, your skin is burning, you can apply aloe vera gel. It will help you calm the sensation.



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