Part 1: Interesting Things to do in Jaipur – The Early Morning Rides and Greens

Wish to explore Jaipur in the morning? Hurrah, we have some of the perfect places in mind for you. From slurping the sumptuous chai to exploring various interesting places in the city, there are plenty of options to go for. But, before we go ahead, let me tell you, this topic has two parts: the one you’re already on and the other consisting of things to do in Jaipur around Amber Fort. As there were many things in that list, dividing the topic seemed a better choice. Make sure you check it out.

So, without wasting any more time, let us take you through some of the best things to do in Jaipur in the morning:


Where should you have the best tea in the morning in Jaipur?

First things first. Period.

If morning tea tops your to-do morning list, then we have a few places in mind for you to must visit when in Jaipur. These tea stalls not only serve the best tea in Jaipur but have some crazy delectable items to offer too! Besides, they open up super early in the morning.


Gulab Ji Chai Jaipur

For 70 years, Gulab Ji has been unflinchingly offering tea enthusiasts the best tea in the whole wide world. From early morning, tea lovers start gathering only to have his special garma-garam masala chai!

Timings: 4 AM-8 PM


PS: If you wish to taste the famous Bun-Maska, Bun-Kachori or Bun-Samosa, wait till they start serving the same from 6:30 AM onwards!


Sahu Chai Jaipur

Sahu’s chai is one of the most relished teas in Jaipur. Its unique taste with just the right blend of sweetness and hints of cardamom flavour attracts people from all walks of life. In fact, you can complement this flavoursome tea with a few toasts and mathri offered at the stall.

Another thing that attracts people (including me) is experiencing the serene and quaint vibe of the old city with sumptuous chai in hand, which I must mention is only possible early morning before the city wakes up to work!

Timings: 5 AM-11 PM



Get up, get going! There’s absolutely no excuse acceptable when comes to Chai. So, if you want to try someplace new for early morning tea, this is where you go. Well, you get various Bun delights here also. Can’t wait for Gulab Ji to start serving? Visit this place located right opposite Ganpati Plaza.

Timings: 3:30 AM-10 PM


Note: Once your tea is done, you can head on to Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort or Amber Fort. There are a plethora of things to explore here. Check out here.


Grab a cycle and pedal down to explore the city in the morning. Don’t have one? Well, with The Pink Pedals, now go on a ride to any part of the city. What’s better than having fun in the streets of Jaipur and at the same time keep your environment as well as health safe and sound!

So, grab a cycle from them and enjoy a long ride to Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort or wherever you like!

Note: Under the Smart City Mission, even the govt. had set up 20 docking stations for people to rent a cycle. The project was christened ‘Cyclo’. If Jawahar Circle is at a distance from your location, check out your nearest dock here:


Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is spread in an area of 20 sq km, which is home to 15-16 leopards out of which 6-7 leopards have their territory. It is situated right in the heart of Jaipur city, very close to the Jaipur International Airport. Opened for visitors in 2016, the safari is slowly becoming a favoured destination to spot leopards in wild.

Apart from being the home to leopards, you can spot smaller fauna, such as deer, blue bulls, wild boars and a wide range of resident as well as migratory birds.

Duration of each safari is 2.30 hours and only limited numbers of vehicles are allowed on each of the two safari routes open for visitors.

The timings vary according to the season, so check accordingly!



View from Chulgiri Jaipur

Surmounted on the Aravalli hills of Jaipur – Agra road – is the Jain temple built in the year 1953. It has both the motorable road and stairs for those who prefer walking. However, the climb up to the temple can be tiring but the views of the surrounding forests from the hilltop are worth the effort, particularly after rains.

Timings: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM



Mornings at Smriti Van

I like to call Smriti Vann an Emerald Maze! Why? Because this place has its unique identity, where a person can lovingly spend time with himself. Oh, the lush green environs connect in a way that makes you feel in paradise. Moreover, if you choose to go off the walking track, then you may have to go through ups and downs – climbing, jumping, squatting – to find a way.

Well, it is that place where even when lost, you find your way!



Mornings at Albert Hall- Talking Nibs

Mornings at Albert Hall are unique.

From early morning, you can find people walking, talking and relaxing at this place. All the four gates around the Albert Hall remain closed during the morning, therefore, there are absolutely no vehicles around it. Just the riders pedalling their way on cycles, including the little kids in groups, or people walking/jogging around the beautiful place. Alternatively, enjoy your morning in the park called Savan Badho located in the vicinity of Albert Hall.


Hey wait, there are plenty of interesting things to do in Jaipur near Amer Fort also. They are all so interesting that you cannot miss them out!

Check here.



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