Mesmerizing Sculpture Of Jaipur- A Fascination For Tourists

Rajasthan is not only famous for the heroic deeds and sacrifices in history, but also for the famous architectural sculptures and monuments made of stone. Temples, forts, and palaces reflect the craftsmanship that prevails in this state and Jaipur is definitely not an exception to this. It goes without saying that the rulers supported the growth of architecture and sculpture resulting in the prevalence of several styles. If you visit Rajasthan, and particularly the capital city, you will be fascinated with the enriched sculpture of Jaipur. The city has so much to offer, and you will fall shorts of words by viewing the mesmerizing sculptures.

The Heart Of Marble Carving

Marble carving in Jaipur

When you are in Jaipur, one of the most prominent things that you will notice is the stone, especially the marble carvings and sculptures. In fact, it goes without saying that Jaipur is the heart of marble sculptures. The artisans are well known for carving images of deities and even domestic utensils with marble. Jail or latticeworks are also prevalent on the sculptures that increase the beauty of these sculptures, as a whole.

The carvers however mainly do with idol making and statues. Different kinds of marbles are used for the purpose. A row of holes is often drilled and iron wedges are struck on it to break the blocks and form into distinctive shapes. The artisans also have unique skills and talents in crafting a particular figure. The entire procedure has to be carried out very carefully giving attention to minute and intricate details.

The Forts And Palaces

Jaali work in Jaipur

The forts and palaces located in Jaipur and Rajasthan, as a whole are prominent examples of the rich sculpture of the city. The fine stonework or the fragile jaali works is typical of Jaipur. Apart from Jaipur, you can find its reflection in other places like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, etc. You can even find several well decorated domestic wares reflecting the unique art and style of the craftsmen.

Use Of Sandstone

Sandstone in Jaipur

Apart from marble, even sandstone is used commonly for the sculpture of Jaipur. You can often find a combination of marble and sandstone, which is evident in the Jantar Mantar, temples of Govind Dev Ji and Tripolia Gate. These sculptures find a place in the International tourist maps as well. Even several forts and havelis have been carved in red sandstone, and they remain eye-catching sculptures even till date.

Use Of Garnet

Garnet in Jaipur

Garnet has also been used as a common material for sculpturing different things. These rock crystals are used in sculpting dagger handles, and pieces of jewelry mainly. They are not only famous in Rajasthan, but also across India and different parts of the world.

Hence, it can be easily said that Jaipur boasts of some of the most prominent sculptures, and the tradition will continue in the years to come. As you visit Jaipur, you will be fascinated by the mesmerizing sculptures that will create a lasting impression on your mind. It will give you an idea of the richness of the city.



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