Reasons Why One Must Visit Pushkar At Least Once In Their Lifetime

Located at a distance of 145 km from Jaipur, Pushkar is a destination that can easily form a part of your travel list. And it must. Being one of the oldest cities in India, it has managed to retain its charm with its mythological history and architectural heritage.

Pushkar is a home to the only Brahma Temple in the whole wide world. But apart from being the ultimate pilgrimage hub, it is also a destination that offers an experience of tranquility.

Let’s see what else there is to see in Pushkar beyond the temples-

1. Aarti at Ghat

Yes, it almost feels like a dream to be at Ghats and especially during morning and evening Aarti. The chants by priests and worshippers capture the environment in a way that relaxes your body and soul. The sight of people drenching themselves in the Holy water is equally beautiful.

Go there, be a part of Aarti, have Prasad that is distributed to all the devotees, and then just sit there beside the Ghat imbibing the holiness and serenity of the place.

Aarti at Ghat
During Aarti at Pushkar Ghat
Pushkar Ghat
Relax here post Aarti

2. Foreigners soaking in the colors of Pushkar

And radiating in those mesmerizing shades presented through a vivid combination of clothes, carrying them in their own unique manner with a smile on their face and confidence in their heart. This sight is so common yet so beautiful in its own way that illustrates how India soaks everyone in her own colors!

Foreigners in Pushkar
Foreigners drenching in the colors of Pushkar

3. Quirky cafes offering International cuisines

 Do not miss out on the cafes at Pushkar. There are an array of cafes serving you plethora of international cuisines in a cozy setup playing the most intriguing music from all over the world, which again I would say blend in the environment so well that you do not feel disconnected with it at all.

Sunset Café is the one that I visited which was right in front of the Ghat offering a view like nowhere else. The menu was vast but the taste was just fine. It is not the food that you would like very much but the very essence of it all.

Sunset Cafe Pushkar
Sunset Cafe near Pushkar Ghat
Sunset Cafe in Pushkar
View of Ghat from Sunset Cafe

4. Wall Art

As you walk down the street, taking you all the way through the market to Ghat, you will find plenty of wall arts interestingly painted on walls and poles, fascinating you throughout with the local talent of this tiny yet picturesque place.

Wall Art in Pushkar
Wall Art on one of the streets of Pushkar

5. Shopping Paradise

Oh yes! Find some of the fascinating shopping stuff there. As you walk towards the Ghats, you can find a cozy market with numerous shops running parallelly with the streets offering from local clothes, leather bags, books, journals to antiques such as jewelry, coins etc.

Streets of pushkar
Shopping Paradise

6. Numerous Heritage Hotels and resorts

Just in case you look forward to a lavish stay, Pushkar holds some of the finest and truly luxurious heritage hotels and resorts in its abode namely-

Ananta Spa & Resort

Aaram Baagh

Bhanwar Singh Palace

Lohana Village Resort

The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa

The Gateway Resort

In case you want to stay in a more affordable hostel, Zostel Pushkar is also available there.

Westin Pushkar
Floating breakfast at Westin Pushkar clicked by Conde Nast Traveller India

7. Interesting array of colors

The fusion of colors mixing into each other leaves you intoxicated with its unrivaled liveliness. It takes you to a world of beauty beyond words, a place of divine beauty lovingly mixing the old and the new, the foreign and the local.




Pushkar beholds in itself a beauty that cannot be put in words but can only be felt. The place needs to be in every avid traveler’s list looking forward to rejuvenating in the shortest period of time.



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