Simple Things That May Help You When You’re Feeling Low

When you’re sad and low and gloomy, what is it that you do? I am sure positive thoughts close the doors while the negative ones just barge in to make you feel all the more miserable. But the real question is what to do when you’re feeling low?

Well, I am not any motivation guru but I can tell you from my own experience what all has helped me get through I was feeling low-

1. Read.. read.. and read

Why did I mention it thrice? Simply because when you’re not feeling good, everything just seems stupid and you’re all the more disinterested in everything. Well, that happens with me too.. But to get out of that misery what I do is try and focus and focus and focus.. until I simply start enjoying it. All it takes to get out of that sad mood is that one second when you prepare yourself to just move on.

Read when you're feeling low
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2. Get a haircut

A big YES! You wouldn’t believe but this is magical. Once you get a haircut, it feels as if some burden has actually been laid off from your shoulders. The low feeling won’t obviously vanish at once but it will surely make you feel lighter. (Getting my hair colored was another thing that brought back the confidence in me.)

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3. Drink water

It is important that you keep yourself hydrated all the time especially when negativity is ruling you. Like in that Glucon-D advertisement where the sun keeps sucking the guy’s energy but it is the drink that revives him back to the same energy. Thus, my recommendation is that try it. Water is indeed magical.

Feeling low? Have some water
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4. Exercise

Yoga or exercising lets you to vent out your energy, particularly the negative one and redirect into something good. Well, the sweat surely makes you realize that there is so much more to work for.

Exercise to avoid feeling low
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5. Feeling low? Draw/ Paint/ Doodle

If you’re one of those creative heads, make sure you start with it soon. The colors help you to gather positivity around you. I feel everything around us is liberating only if we want to see so. Start observing the colors and see the wondrous change yourself.

Paint adds colours to your life
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6. Feel the wind

Go out and get a breath of fresh air, literally. One needs that. Locking yourself in one place will not help you. It is important to be in touch with Nature constantly. It beholds the mystic power to help you get through any situation. All you need to do is seek and gain what it wants to give you. Inspiration lies in every corner of your life, even behind the bad situations, we just need to slide the curtains to let the sunshine in!

Feel the wind
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7. Have proper sleep and eat

 Some do stress eating and some just stop doing it at all- try avoiding both. If it is possible, be around your parents, if that makes you feel good. For me, cuddling my Mom is as relaxing as anything else could be.

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8. Seek and learn from little things around you

Leaves rustling, ants moving, children playing in the park- there are a lot of little happy things that we are surrounded with. We all need to pause for a moment in order to observe these little instances of happiness. In every walk of our lives, even when things are not going fine or are not on par with what we expected, these moments of happiness are what help us get through it. Give it some time, relieve yourself from the burden, take a deep breath and then start working on the things all over again.

Feeling low? go out and seek inspiration from the Nature
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It is just that one moment of realization that helps you to get out of this miserable feeling.. just one moment. Once you’re out, it is then the will to accept those things that’s needed. Nobody’s life is perfect, it might look so but it is not. We need to make things right, with constant efforts. And I always say that if problems won’t kick in, don’t you think life would become just too boring with no challenges to get through.

So, just kick that terrible feeling out of you right now, do it, I know you can do it.. just do it.

Feel good.. be good and do good! Ciao! 🙂



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