Useful Everyday Android Apps That Can Sort Your Life A Bit More

While mobiles phones have become a vital part of our lives, without installing useful Android Apps in it, we sometimes even lose our sense of directions :p

However, there are certain applications that we still are unaware of that can prove to be our real time saviors.

Check out some uber cool apps that might rescue you in the times of crisis-


Don’t we all have those personal pictures that we wish to keep but don’t know where to store? Well, Vaulty is a useful Android app that helps you to hide those pictures from everybody on your Android device. Password protect the pictures and guess what, Vaulty captures the pictures if somebody tries to break into your app. You can also create various vaults for different sets of pictures and protect them with different passwords.

Vaulty- best android app

Vaulty- top android app


What do we do when we want to store certain links- we just store them in drafts, don’t we? Get out of this habit with Pocket as it helps you to store unlimited stories available on the web. You can save them to read later, discover new stories, recommend the best of your pocket to others, listen to your articles with text-to-speech and easily get recognized through tags.

Pocket- top android app

pocket- best android app

Pocket- Best Application


Lost your cable and need a remedy to transfer data to your system? Airdroid lets you access or manage the Android phone from Windows, Mac or Web. You can control your Android from the computer and use apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat. Even the calls, messages etc get mirrored on the larger screen.

Airdroid- Best Android App

AdBlocker Browser

Many times while we start searching, our pages get redirected to ads and we somehow lose the track of what we were doing. To assist you out of this problem, AdBlocker is such a useful Android app that blocks all kinds of ads, ad-cookies from third parties, warns you in case of malware and adware, saves your battery and enhances your browsing experience on the internet.

AdBlocker Browser

AdBlocker for Android

Period Tracker

Remembering dates sometimes get messy especially for girls who need to track it every month. Period Tracker is the easiest way to track your periods and take daily notes of your mood, symptoms, and intimacy. Also, easily view the number of days remaining until your next period and know when you’re fertile with flowers that show on your home-screen.


Period Tracker- Solution for all women

Period tracker- Best Android App for Women

Period Tracker- Predict your next periods


Looking for some fun tutorials to learn new languages? Memrise is the assistance that you need. Learn multiple foreign languages and practice your reading, writing and speaking while playing the game or even with the help of real videos from natives or chat bots. Hone your vocabulary and speaking skills with this amazing app.

Memrise- Best app to learn different languages

Memrise- Your language learning solution

Memrise- Your language solution


 Hibernate the apps that are unnecessarily eating up your battery or making it slower with Greenify. This amazing Android app helps you to identify and put the misbehaving apps that are not in use into hibernation mode.

Greenify your Android device


Don’t we all look forward to making our phones look good with wallpapers? Walli presents the wallpapers for all moods and tastes types made by various artists. These wallpapers are available in multiple sizes to fit all phone screens. The best part of this  utterly useful Android app is that it provides a chance to the artists to get recognition for their work.

Walli- Decorate your phone


We know how difficult it is to manage expenditures. With numerous features assembled in one app, Monefy simplifies our life a bit more. From spending contribution in the form of chart to the built-in calculator, category management, pass-code protection, synchronization, record management etc, we can easily manage and track our expenditures without leaving a chance to regret when we go penniless at the end of the month.

Monefy- Keep a check on your expenditures

Monefy- Best Android App

Monefy- Best Android App


 It is a private couples app designed only for the two of you that lets you chat 1-to-1 with cute stickers. Share moments from the gallery and also use the calendar to share schedules and send reminders. All the data that you share is encrypted and can only be accessed through your id and password.

Between- Made for every couple

Between- every couple's app

Between- For you two

So, these were the 10 most interesting apps for Android devices that are a must try for all of you to sort your life a bit more!



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