Useful Room Decor Ideas To Bring A Change In Your Room Creatively

Our room is that place where we spend most of our time. It is that space with which we shared all our moods and talks. While this is one of the best zones that you can be in, if you want to make your room look special, I have some wonderful room decor ideas for you.

1. Choose the color of your walls wisely

Through my personal experience, I can tell you that both dark and light shades have their own magic. When I had a dark colored wall of somewhat maroon shade, I used to draw cartoons on it using chalk. And with the light shaded wall, I have added pictures to it- the ones that I click on my trips along with some cartoon animals that I made.

Room style ideas

2. Explore your photography talent and put it on your wall

This is indeed a great way to recollect the memories and stay in constant touch with your best moments. Use them in various patterns and structures or if you want, draw an outline of your favorite character and paste the pictures in such a way that gives it a finished look.

Room decor ideas with photos

3. Illuminate your room with some decorative party lights

Play around with lights in the most creative manner- add those decorative lights in a bottle or fix the lights on your wall in various shapes or around your photos. The lights won’t bother you even at night. In fact, such room decor ideas will make your room your own fairyland.

room decor ideas with lights

room decor ideas with lights

4. Shoo away your bad dreams – Dream catchers

Available in the market and can be prepared at home also, this is a way that makes your room look beautiful and also helps your bad dreams stay away from your while you gather the good ones, as per Native American beliefs.

room decor ideas with dream catcher

5. Get creative- Try painting

You think painting is not your forte? Well, don’t worry, we have the best escape lined up for you. Try these techniques to make your look beautiful with the simplest painting there is-

Or, just like I have used a quote for my room, you can also use quotes, cut them in the same pattern and fix it to your wall. It is simple and hardly consumes any time.

room decor ideas with painting

6. Add some greens to your room

Indoor vases are a great way to add some shades to your room. Green gives a touch of liveliness and brings freshness to your room. Putting little vases are a great way to radiate some positive energy.

room decor ideas with green plants

7. Sticky note, sticky note, where are they placing you?

They are a great way to add colors to your room in the cheapest way. Buy sticky notes, write words that you associate the most with or draw little cartoons on it and affix them to your wall.

Room decor ideas with sticky notes

8. Keep the bookworm in you alive

If you’re one of those guys who are very much into books, then we can tell you that there are very interesting patterns for your bookshelf which you can use. Some of the designs that I liked were-

9. The trendiest thing- Tassels

You won’t believe this but apart from finding an important part in embellishing the clothes, they have also found a way to room. Tassels can be used creatively as your wardrobe keychain, curtains, or just as decorative add-ons in between the pictures that might have placed as mentioned above or between sticky notes.

Room decor using tassels

I hope this worked for you and do let me know what you try! 🙂



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