Vegetarian Food That Helps To Fight Cramps During Menstruation

It is a well-known fact that eating the right food helps you to maintain yourself in many ways, be it related to skin, fitness or even hair. Food is the ultimate superhero of our lives. Do you know it also helps during menstruation?

With the change in the eating habits, women have started facing issues, particularly during PMS. Raise your hand, if you also get terrible period cramps and suffer from emotional upheavals in those days.

Well, to ease your pain slightly, we have just the remedy for you. Bring a change in your eating habits and you will find the change yourself.

Green leafy vegetables

Apart from being rich in iron and vitamin B, green leafy vegetables also have high fiber count which helps to resolve digestive issues during menstruation. Broccoli has calcium, potassium, magnesium, and various vitamins that help to alleviate PMS symptoms. It is also 91% water by weight that gives relief from gas, fatigue, and puffiness.

broccoli during menstruation

Beans and Peas 

The Rich fiber content in beans and peas helps to fight congestion and cramps. Intake of fiber also helps with constipation and diarrhea. Although to avoid gastric troubles, it is advised to eat it in smaller portions, increasing the quantity gradually with time.

 Beans and peas


Pineapple contains rich amount of manganese, which increases the blood flow in women. It also contains an enzyme called bromelain, which relaxes the muscles and prevents menstrual cramps.


Rich source of both potassium and magnesium content, Banana is also known for its sleep inducing properties. And as we know, crams disrupts our sleep, so along with helping with the cramps, it will also help you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Bananas to fight menstruation


Consuming yogurt twice a day can reduce menstrual discomfort, as it is rich in calcium. It is suggested to keep the intake of dairy products minimal during this time as they have arachidonic acid in them that can cause menstrual cramps.

Yogurt for Menstruation

It is often suggested by our peers to have hot coffee to avoid menstrual cramps. However, as per the experts, one must avoid caffeinated drink, as caffeine is known to cause bloating and acidity in the stomach during menstruation.

Avoid coffee during menstruation
Eat less salt as it can cause bloating and water retention making the PMS problems worse. Especially avoid the packaged food, as they are rich in sodium leaving you with more trouble.

Eat less salt during menstruation
Dark chocolates supposedly help you to fight the cramps. So, ease up girls and rock your menstruation with your dark chocolate!



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